• Your instructor will forward range info and directions to a meetup point. You will need to be on time per that info.
  • Range is in a very rural area- bring lunch, water, with you. Nothing is close by.
  • Lodging options are available in Alma or Douglas Ga. Alma is approximately 20 minutes from the range and Douglas is about 35 minutes but offers more options.
  • Any and ALL unsafe activity will result in your immediate termination from any class and expulsion from the range- no exceptions.
  • A $25. per day for 1 day events and $20. per day multiple day events range fee is payable in cash upon arrival for any and all training.

Southeastern training group

Hosting tactical training in the southeast

About Us

NEW FOR 2019- We will be opening a dedicated vehicle range, 400 yard shooting berm and in 2020 a CQB building.

We are a PRIVATE range facility in South Georgia.  We offer a 50 acre facility with a "square range" that fits over 18 shooters at one time that is bermed on multiple sides to allow almost 270 degree shooting possibilities at various distances. . Distance targets go out to 300 yards (400 yards in 2019) Multiple vehicles are on the range for work in shooting around vehicles. Ranges extend out into woodland areas for realistic tactical training possibilities. 30 acres of additional woods and swamps offer opportunity for tracking, outdoor survival, medical,  dry SUT training and Force on force training. A covered open air pavilion can be used as a classroom and is located next to the parking area, water source. and porta potty. 

Midnight Rendezvous 2020

Night Vision and Carbine Training

February 1st, 2020 Registration open now! Only $125.00



                                        UPCOMING EVENTS 2020-

February 1st, 2020  "Midnight Rendezvous 2020" 

At Midnight Rendezzvous 2019 the main focus was on field craft. In 2020 we will devote more time to one of the other "f"s in the equation- Firing.

We will start at noon on the 1st so we can devote a little time to tuning up rifle handling skills. This way everything we do at night firing under NODS will already have been practiced during daylight hours as well- further reinforcing these skills in both daylight and under NODS.

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Read the AAR from 2019's event at: