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Defensive concealed handgun sept 14-15

Southeastern training group

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Sept 14-15 Defensive Concealed Handgun- This is a two day concealed handgun class aimed at defense against active shooter scenarios. This class will start at the basics of carry and safe operation of the concealed handgun, and progress to self-defense scenarios.

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Reviews- I started taking professional training classes when I was 13 years old and I have attended probably six dozen or more classes over the past 32 years specializing in pistol work. Scott's DCH class was awesome and he has some very unique drills I have not seen or done any where else.  I  Highly recommend this class and look forward to doing it again! -RH


Coming in 2020-

"Integrated Combatives"- This 2 1/2 day workshop will explore the integration of "hands on" H2H, knife and pistol work at close range. It includes a mix of hand to hand and knife work at "bad breath" distance utilizing protective gear and training knives as well as up close quarter with handguns. This will involve work both with retention issues and work in learning to easily disarm handguns at close range. Exercises utilizing airsoft pistols will round out the force on force component. You will need your carry pistol, 300 rounds of ammo, a matching "red gun" and ideally an gas operated airsoft pistol that matches your carry gun. Training knives will be provided if you need one. While this will be a physical class, no one will get hurt and students will be required to utilize a high degree of personal control.

We will begin Friday night at 6pm till around 10pm then all day Saturday and Sunday. Capped at 12 students due to mat space required for ground work $300.00  Email for more information on upcoming dates-


"Down but not out"- This 1 day workshop examines grounded and low platform shooting positions and movement close to the ground. This is not about "cool guy" shooting positions, but how you can continue the fight once you are put on the ground for whatever reason. This class has a bit of a physical aspect and you will need to be able to move around on the ground and lower positions to get the most out of the class. Bring rifle and pistol as we will work with both on the ground and low platforms.  $125. cost includes range fee.

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November 2-3 "Armed Movement"- This two day class focuses on both controlled and dynamic movement utilizing a pistol in a fight as well as working on one handed shooting to help with dynamic movement. Includes a section on movement and fighting on the ground as well.

Limited to TEN participants so as to maximize instruction and range time for all. Optional "Pistol skills tune up" day on Friday- highly recommended if you haven't had any previous pistol training or if it's been a while.

Register before Sep 1st at just $200. for both days
After Sept 1st $250.00  for both days

Add the optional Friday "Pistol Skills Tune up" for just $50.00

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April 13, 2019 Midnight Rendezvous - Join us for a night of working with and without your Night Vision device in a rural setting. This workshop is primarily about movement at night in a rural setting without the crutches of lots of additional IR illumination and without the stray light sources often seen in urban and suburban environments. You will work with and without your NV throughout the night. While this workshop is not focusing on a lot of shooting at night, if you need to zero an IR laser we can help with that at the workshop. We start at 3pm to make sure everyone has some fundamentals down and then finish up usually after 1am. Held during winter months only to maximize hours of darkness. 

See the after action report, pics and videos of 2019 class at


Some video from a past workshop.



Coming in 2020-

Carbine Usage- This 2 1/2 day class will involve working with your M4, AK or similar carbine at ranges varying from 5 yards to 400 yards. Friday night will include a night shoot with and without Night Vision devices. We will work on accuracy from 100 out to 400 yards. Other topics include magazine changes, transitions to pistol various methods, level changes and fighting from various lower platforms, malfunctions, movement drills both controlled and dynamic, use of cover, working corners.  Sunday we will round out everything with distance shooting and "jungle lane" exercises $350.00 for the entire course.

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