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Midnight Rendezvous NV classes-

ALL Spring 2021 classes SOLD OUT already. FALL classes will be posted shortly

Hosted classes 2021-

Still scheduling 2021 hosted classes, stay tuned for more info.


"Danger close" pistol- This 2 day workshop will explore the use of the pistol at extreme close range. I.e, at "bad breath" distance. Focusing largely on the 3-7 yard distance you will be working with the pistol principally one handed while learning various techniques to counter takeaways and clear and create space. You will work dry drills with a partner and live against targets.  This will involve work both with retention issues and work in learning to easily disarm handguns at close range. Extensive drills involving avoiding a "gun grab" at close range as well. Movement will proceed well past the rigid "controlled" movement patterns often seen on gun ranges. Students will learn why it may be necessary to go "hands on" first before attempting to access your pistol and best ways to facilitate that. You will need your carry pistol, 300 rounds of ammo, eye and ear pro and ideally a training "red gun" that matches your carry weapon.

All day Saturday and Sunday. Capped at 12 students due to mat space required for ground work $300.00  Email for more information on upcoming dates-

"Down but not out"- This 1 day workshop examines grounded and low platform shooting positions and movement close to the ground. This is not about "cool guy" shooting positions, but how you can continue the fight once you are put on the ground for whatever reason. This class has a bit of a physical aspect and you will need to be able to move around on the ground and lower positions to get the most out of the class. Bring rifle and pistol as we will work with both on the ground and low platforms.  $125. cost includes range fee.

Email for more info and dates-

Some video from a previous class-

Midnight Rendezvous 1.0

Class dates- January 9 SOLD OUT

Midnight Rendezvous 2.0

Class dates- Feb 20 SOLD OUT

Midnight Rendezvous 3.0

Class dates- March 6 SOLD OUT

We will be posting FALL 2021 dates for

MR 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 soon. These classes sell out quickly.